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While wisdom is often good for everyone, today we look at a few bits of wisdom directed specifically to husbands. The “man of the house” is to remain faithful to his wife, committed to his home, and always seek what is best for his family.

In our fallen world, relationships become broken. Today’s “pearl of wisdom” tells us that, when this happens, we can choose how to react - either with hate or with love. Hate ensures that the relationship stays broken; only love can restore what has been broken.

Lady Wisdom and Madame Folly both call out, inviting people to come and partake of what they have prepared. The contrast between these two offers is stark, though, with one leading to life and one leading to death. We should take great care to ensure we make the right choice.

People typically like to focus on God and His love; however, did you know that the Bible contains a list of the things God hates? We would be wise to review this list, and ensure that we are not regularly demonstrating these negative traits in our lives.

Solomon advises his son to strive for wisdom and holiness, using the images of several body parts to reinforce his points. We, too, should guard our hearts, our mouths, our eyes, and our feet as we diligently strive to follow our Savior.

When life feels like a maze, we can follow the three-part advice that Solomon gave to his son. We must known where to put our trust; we must submit all areas of life to our guide; and we must let reverence for God lead us away from sin.

The charge to seek wisdom has been given, and hearing it has very little to do with ability. It’s not a matter of “Can you hear me now?”, it’s a matter of “Will you hear me now?” We should seek wisdom, and when we do, God has promised to provide it to us.

This Sunday was Deacon Nomination Sunday, so we took a break from our “Pearls of Wisdom” study to look at the office of deacon. The office originated as a way for the early church to heal a growing division; today, deacons can help heal local bodies by being willing to serve, exercising their gifts, and being men of godly character. But, when we look at it further, we see that these requirements are no different than the expectations God has placed on every believer.

Wisdom calls to us publicly, and failing to heed the call of wisdom is a foolish decision which causes us to risk judgment while missing the blessings of God. We should heed Solomon’s warning to not wait until it is too late to walk in wisdom’s path.

Mankind, throughout time, has sought to live the “good life,” a meaningful life free from cares and struggles. Today, as we begin the series “Pearls of Wisdom,” we look at Solomon’s opening words in the book of Proverbs. These words remind us of our need for wisdom, our need for learning, and our need to revere the God Who is the source of all wisdom and knowledge.

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