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Knowing the Word of God is good, but it is not enough on its own. James explains that those who hear the Word and do not put it into practice are deceiving themselves, leading to missed blessings and unmet needs for themselves and others.

Tempation comes to us, and sometimes it seems that the only thing that would make it go away is actually giving in to it. James says some hard things about temptation, but leaves us with hope as well; God Himself can help us when we are tempted.

Life can be tough, and life as a Christian is no exception to that. As James (the brother of Jesus) opens his letter to the churches, he tells them that trials are a certainty. However, he also encourages them that joy, help, and reward can all be obtained through Christ as we face life’s difficulties.

If you give children what they want, they will be happy and they will like you. While this sounds like a nice sentiment, life does not work quite that way. We do not owe our children the latest devices, the largest house, or the biggest birthday parties; according to Scripture, we owe them spiritual training, discipline, and a living heritage of love.

The book of Proverbs, at times, paints a less-than-flattering view of certain women. However, the book also ends with a description of the ideal woman. This lady fears the Lord, works for the good of her family, has compassion for others, and chooses her words well.

While wisdom is often good for everyone, today we look at a few bits of wisdom directed specifically to husbands. The “man of the house” is to remain faithful to his wife, committed to his home, and always seek what is best for his family.

In our fallen world, relationships become broken. Today’s “pearl of wisdom” tells us that, when this happens, we can choose how to react - either with hate or with love. Hate ensures that the relationship stays broken; only love can restore what has been broken.

Lady Wisdom and Madame Folly both call out, inviting people to come and partake of what they have prepared. The contrast between these two offers is stark, though, with one leading to life and one leading to death. We should take great care to ensure we make the right choice.

People typically like to focus on God and His love; however, did you know that the Bible contains a list of the things God hates? We would be wise to review this list, and ensure that we are not regularly demonstrating these negative traits in our lives.

Solomon advises his son to strive for wisdom and holiness, using the images of several body parts to reinforce his points. We, too, should guard our hearts, our mouths, our eyes, and our feet as we diligently strive to follow our Savior.

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